Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill

Location: Clifton Hill, Victoria
Floor Area: 132sqm
Site Area: 151sqm
Photographer: Tatjana Plitt

A playful, contemporary renovation. This project creatively responds to a brief that sees the transformation of a crumbling cottage into a contemporary, flexible family home. At the outset, this presented as a tiny site with strict heritage context informed town planning controls and challenged spatial opportunities.

A new two storey form was introduced to maximise available space and optimise the North facing rear, whilst respectfully responding to neighbours and heritage context in a suitably proportioned, modern form.

Externally the new form’s character is largely defined by an arrangement of bright ‘fins’ across the North facade that provide filtered light to North facing rooms, balustrades to assist with maximising natural air flow to the upper level, and privacy protection for occupants and neighbours. Internally, a variety of colours, materials, and fixed furniture is used to blur lines between space and function.