B.T. Connor Pavilion

B.T. Connor Pavilion

Location: Reservoir, Victoria
Client: City of Darebin

The brief called for a new sports pavilion to support one of the largest soccer clubs within the city of Darebin, with expanding requirements to accommodate male, female and junior teams, and council demands for more flexible, accessible community oriented facilities in the area.

Passive solar principles moderate temperature fluctuation throughout via operable natural ventilation, large overhangs, light coloured roofing and cladding together with landscaping to the periphery to minimise the heat island effect. Rainwater harvesting is utilised for wet areas and landscaping, and solar PV supports reduced energy use. Robust and considered materials minimise ongoing maintenance and ensure the buildings long-term durability.

The design outcome was achieved in close consultation with our client, the tenant soccer club, Football Federation of Victoria and Sports Recreation Victoria.